How to use your log book

It is a requirement for all swimmers in the A, B and Development Squads (aged 8 and upwards) to maintain a log book. Click here for a copy of the log book that you can download.

Completing the log book is vital if you are to develop as a swimmer. Not only must we provide you with a log book to meet the ASA Swim 21 Accreditation, but it is also a great way for each of you to see what you achieve every time you come swimming or take part in a competition. Filling in the log book allows you to set goals for yourself and allows the coaches conduct reviews to make sure you are achieving your best.

Please spend the time filling in as much information as you can.  If you need help please ask anybody at the club; help each other with your log book or ask your parents to help.

At the beginning are pages to record your personal information and goal setting.  Perhaps there are certain qualifying times you would like to achieve at the next Open Meet.  In the mid-term, maybe you would like to reach a County or Regional Championship final, and in the long term perhaps you would like to achieve a National time.

There are then sheets where you should fill in your times for every event and every gala you do.  This is the best way to see if your times are improving and by how much.  You should highlight each swim where you get a PB and keep track of your most up to date PBís.  It is very important that you know you PBís.  They are the way you can show people how much improvement you have made and these are the times we use a lot at training during sets.  You should know your PB's for as many events as you can.

You can also print off and include the qualifying times for the Cumbria, North West Regionalís & National Age Groups.  These are the times that you are aiming for when we go to galas.  You should get used to what the times are for your age group.

There are pages to record any medical issues or visits to a physiotherapist.

Training is what we all do the most of all at the club,there are pages for recording areas of improvements which should make you a better swimmer and achieve your competitive goals

Please take time to complete your log book. Your coaches will ask to see your log book on a regular basis.


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